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Passover treats made easy

Flour-less Brownies   4 eggs 1 and 1/2 cups sugar 1 cup oil 4 tablespoons cocoa 1 cup potato starch Optional: 1/2 cup nuts ground or grated chocolate  Method: Cream eggs and sugar. Add oil, cocoa, potato starch and nuts/chocolate. Bake at 170° Celsius for 30 min. Ganache 100 gr cocoa powder 150 gr sugar 50 gr margarine 200 ml […]

YouTube video

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Soft and creamy on the inside, crispy on the outside, potato latkes (Yiddish) are as Jewish as bagels, and as versatile.  Distinguishing the festival of Hanukkah or Chanukah, the dish originated in Eastern Europe and now graces the tables of Jewish homes around the world. With the addition of a few simple ingredients, Totally Kosher […]

Dean Qualifies with Distinction

In November of 2010 a young boy walked through the doors of our old facility, he was finishing matric and wanted to become a chef. After a short interview we knew we had found our first potential candidate to become one of many in-service trainees. Dean excelled at every aspect of his culinary training and […]

Namibian Chefs Association

Richard spent a week in Namibia to judge the Chef of the year competition. Seniors, juniors and schools all competed for the prestigious honours. Richard was joined by Martin Kobald and the legendary David Higgs who both assisted Richard to cook for the gala dinner of 230 people. The chefs were auctioned off to raise […]

World Association of Cooks Society

Richard was chosen as part of a select few chefs to be trained as WACS competition judges. This will enable Richard  to judge at international competitions as well as local ones. Expanding our culinary knowledge to improve our insight into culinary trends

Advice for young chefs

Comments and Suggestions by Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential  Be fully committed. Don’t be a fence-sitter or a waffler. If you’re going to be a chef some day, be sure about it, single-minded in your determination to achieve victory at all costs. If you think.. you might find yourself standing in a cellar prep kitchen one […]

The new factory

Totally Kosher moved into a purpose built, state of the art factory in August 2012. Since then we have improved our systems and allowed the staff to grow into the new facility. We have had the opportunity to experiment with a candy floss machine and making cranberry candyfloss parcels.  The level of professionalism has increased along with […]

What’s in the Mix Today?

The recipe is as follows: 4 eggs 2 cup of milk pinch of salt 1 vanilla pod (scraped) flour Method: Beat the eggs, milk, salt and vanilla  Add the flour until the mixture is the thickness of cream. Allow to stand for 30 minutes Heat a pan and ladle a little bit of batter into […]

Rave reviews for Food Expo

The 2013 Hostex exhibition has been a great success with Richard participating in a number of demonstrations and events over the past few days. It has been a time of rekindled friendships and making new ones.