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Dean Qualifies with Distinction


In November of 2010 a young boy walked through the doors of our old facility, he was finishing matric and wanted to become a chef. After a short interview we knew we had found our first potential candidate to become one of many in-service trainees.

Dean excelled at every aspect of his culinary training and not only scored merit and distinction in all three years of his study, he also won the culinary knowledge cup displaying his passion for his future career as a chef. This was done in conjunction with HTA School of Culinary Arts who run the theoretical and 6 week programme over the three year period.

During Deans training he worked in every different department in the kitchen over his three years. Harnessing skills, he learned everything from the 14 different methods of cooking to more advanced techniques of modernist cuisine also known as molecular gastronomy and even dabbling with a little Ice carving. Dean competed in local culinary competitions and also worked with some of the top chefs in the country at there kitchens.

Dean was the trainee that all chefs dream of having to pass on their knowledge, skills, experience and we wish him the best in his future endeavours as he leaves us to start his career as a qualified chef. 

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